Sunday, 27 March 2016

How it all started,

I grew up in a little home in the country. I had a huge backyard and I lived with my bubbly parents and two brothers. I was the middle child and the only girl. This led to me acquiring both older and younger sibling traits. As a young child I was obsessed with Barnie, who later changed to Barbies, who now has progressed to hours spent on my laptop stalking people on Instagram and YouTube. But in the first years of my life I didn’t care about social media, or what anyone thought. I guess I wish I could live like that again, not caring what people thought of me, or what I thought of myself. In my little home I spent my days playing and imagining new worlds. I used to take books and pretend to read them to my stuffed animals even though I didn’t know how to read yet. I would look at the pictures and make up the story. 

I started school at a small private school when I was 4 years old. It was the time of innocence and running away from scary boys on the playground. I’m pretty sure everyone was my friend and I loved school. I was a smart kid and I learned really quickly. School and church were where all my friends came from. But my church was 45 minutes away from where I lived so it took a long time to drive there every Sunday morning. My parents started looking for houses closer to my church that we could move into. My parents didn’t want us to have to change schools half way through the year so after I finished JK my mom started homeschooling me and my brothers. Because I was a smart cookie and my mom was teaching me, she let me go ahead in a lot of my subjects. We didn’t end up moving for two years but we kept homeschooling because we loved it. But a teacher job opened at a bigger private school in the city by our church. So my mom applied and got the job as a teacher and moved our whole family from our little house in the country to the city, and we were thrown into a big school where I knew nobody. Now saying all this, I was only 7 so kids weren’t so judgemental yet, but I remember being so scared on that first day. I wanted to get right back to homeschooling with my brothers, but I stepped into the grade 2 classroom with my head held high. After all I was ahead of everyone in every subject. No, school work wasn’t the downfall of starting school at a big school, the downfall was the BOYS.

-The Girl Next Door <3

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  1. Your writing is so meaningful and heartfelt! This is a very sweet blog- the header is lovely! keep up the good work!