Saturday, 30 April 2016

New words,

I’m proud to say at this point in my life, I have a large vocabulary that I only hope expands with time. So if we subtract 8 years from my life, to when I was 8 years old, that is 8 years of learning many new words to add to my vocabulary. 
I also unfortunately have to see that many of the words in my vocabulary are not appropriate words, or there is no kind way to use certain words.

When I was homeschooled and lived at home with just my family, I didn’t really learn what certain things meant. The same way I had not been educated in the means of liking a boy. I lived in a little bubble and when I started real school, my bubble popped. One of the first words I ever misused was 'hot'.

It’s funny to look back on that now, because I probably use the word hot everyday now. Like when I tell my friends Justin Bieber or Harry Styles is hot. But in my 8 year old mind, who had been homeschooled for the majority of my education I thought the word hot was only the opposite of cold. Of course I knew what being handsome or beautiful was but because I had never liked a boy before I didn’t see it the same way. Being beautiful was more based on who the person really was then what they looked like physically.

Quick side note in my story, shouldn’t we view beauty the way my 8 year old self did? Society has warped our view of people. That physical is more important than emotional or spiritual. What we look like is more important than our actions. Did Mother Theresa look like a Victoria Secret model? Probably not but that doesn’t change the way we view her because of all the amazing change she brought to the world. Just a little thought.

Anyways, what I was saying was how I learned the second meaning of the word hot. When I was 8 my main definition was the google definition:
1.having a high degree of heat or a high temperature.

But my classmates quickly taught me the Urban Dictionary definition. (Although the way I learned wasn’t quite what I would have picked)

1.someone thats EXTREMEMLY good looking but not like cute, more like sexy. when they walk by u turn ure head and wish u had a pause button or something.

(also thank you becky for that extremely hilarious definition😂)

So anyways, it was a typical day in grade two and I thought that most things were going well, I had made some friends that were girls and a boy liked me. Which I guess was a big deal in grade two. It must have been near the end of the school year, during warm weather when this happened. Recess had just finished and we were all coming back inside, taking off our shoes and getting ready to go back into class for the last half of the day. Toby was running around the classroom with one of his best friends, his name will be Fred. Toby and Fred were sweating and when they stopped running, they stood in front of me. I simply asked Toby “Are you hot?” because he had so much sweat dripping off of him.
I knew instantly I had said something wrong because the whole class went quiet and looked at me. Then Fred kind of gasped, “You basically just asked him out!” he said.
Yet I was still so confused. What had I even said? And I hardly even understood what it meant to take someone ‘out’. Since I was kind of smart, and some kids proceeded to tell me that hot actually meant ‘cute’ or whatever. But I was still super embarrassed. Not only had I called someone hot in front of everyone, it was the boy that I liked.
Looking back, that is the stupidest thing ever. Everyone at school calls each other hot now. But we were in grade two and I guess that’s just how it was. For the next few years that’s kinda how it went. How I discovered what ‘balls’ meant in a male sense and how I learned words like sexy.
I’m not going to deny, I still learn some unpleasant words every day but I thank Google for being there for me instead of having to embarrass myself in front of my classmates. 

Like who the frick cares if I wanted to play with balls (in the sense of bouncy balls) and I got laughed at by all the boys. But I guess that’s just how we learn sometimes.

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