Sunday, 15 May 2016

When I first fell for my first love,

Falling in love with someone isn’t an instant feeling. So I guessed if someone asked me if I believe in love at first sight, I would say no. Of course you can think some one is beautiful or attractive when you meet them but I don’t believe you instantly fall in love. In fact it takes time and work. And I do truly love certain people, and I didn’t always know that.
I didn’t fall for my first love when I first met them. In fact I don’t even remember really registering who they were when I first met them. They were also in that grade two class. So I guess I met them on that first day of school September of 2007. Maybe one day that will be something someone says at our wedding. 
I’m kidding, but I really did meet them in grade two. Of course my little heart only had eyes for blue-eyed Toby. It wasn’t till grade three when I had my second crush. 
His name will be Jack. The Jack to my Rose, because he was kinda her first love right? But then she lived the rest of her life without him and ended up marrying someone else?
Anyways that’s not the point.
And it say the first time i FELL for my first love is kinda wrong too because I don’t really remember when I first fell in love with them. Falling in love is like the line from The Fault in Our Stars : “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”
But I remember when I he became my second crush. It was grade three, I sort of knew how school and friends and boys went. I was 8 turning 9 and my class was set up differently. Due to the fact that we had so many kids in our class, our class was split into one split class shared with have the grade 2’s and one full class. I was in the split class because I was ‘smart’ and could ‘work well on my own’. Because of our class splitting there were only 3 boys my age in my class. One was Toby, one was Jack, and one was a boy we will call Will. 
Why did I stop having a crush on Toby? I’m not really sure, I guess I was an 8 year old who wasn’t planning on dating anyone anytime soon and I liked adventure and meeting different boys. A real social butterfly 😂

Anyways this particular boy had an obsession with pokemons. Why? I don’t even know. Why did people ever like those things in the first place. So my 8 year old mine thought it was funny to steal his pokemon ball things and hide them in my backpack at recess. I did it continually, and he always knew it was me, but I still did it anyways. HAHA flirting in 2009, the good old days. 

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  1. I still have very fond memories of my first crush. I like to joke that 1% of my heart will always belong to him. Lovely post.

    Steph //